Bill Again, Security Companies

Do you manage a Security Company?

Then Bill Again is for you!

Bill Again is our automated, recurring billing software that takes care of the bulk of your
admin processing and relieving stresses associated with your billing cycle. This will create more
time for you to focus on investing in your businesses future.

How does Bill Again work? Three easy steps:

Bill Again, Add your Service Fees Add your Service Fees
Bill Again, Add/Import your Client Information Add/Import your Client Information
Bill Again, Activate your Billing Cycle Activate your Billing Cycle

Every Month invoices and statements will be created and emailed to your clients. Fees can also be collected automatically or recorded manually.

Invoice status gets monitored and you can easily view the invoices which are paid, due or past due in invoices tab or draw a detailed report.

Clients have access to view their current invoices and statements or process a payment, at their convenience from their own customer portal.

Get started with Recurring Billing today!

  • Save Time

    No more need to manually create and email your invoices and statements out
    No time wasted reconciling your payments and past due invoices, system does it for you
    Import/ Export your client information to easily create additional clients or make bulk changes

  • Improve Cashflow

    With your invoicing automated along with the reconciliation you have more control of the cash flow into the organisation
    Define and enforce custom Billing Rules which automatically reminds Clients of outstanding/failed payments and suspended accounts if necessary

  • Flexibility

    Bill Again allows you to record payments done outside of the system manually or supports debit orders, credit cards and HPP transactions
    Manually Invoice Clients for additional services not included in subscription fees, these are automatically integrated with the rest of the billing process
    Compatible with accounting software such as Pastel and Quickbooks, export statements directly from Bill Again

  • Mobility

    Clients can access and view their invoices and statements at any time and from any device using your customisable Member Portal
    Bill Again is fully mobile compatible which means all its functions can be accessed from your tablet or mobile device when you are on the move

Process Payments using any of these supported Payment Gateways