Why use our Billing System?

Allow us tell you more about Bill Again and how our online software will benefit you. Through streamlining your admin process and saving you time while improving your cash flow.

Bill Again, Billing System interfaces on tablets

Is our Billing System for you?

Do you charge for a service, product, membership or anything else on a recurring basis?
Would you prefer to automate your invoices process?
Do you want to offer online payment processing to streamline your admin process?

If you answered yes to these questions then

Who we created our online software for?

Bill Again is designed for Businesses and Organisations that desire to:
  • •  Automate their billing process
  • •  Access online payment processing
  • •  Offer a customizable customer portal
  • •  Streamline their admin process
  • •  Save time and improve cash flow
Online Billing System is for Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions
Online Billing System is for Accountants & Bookkeepers
Accountants & Bookkeepers
Online Billing System is for Security Companies
Security Companies
Online Billing System is for Office Automation
Office Automation
Online Billing System is for Garden Services
Garden Services
Online Billing System is for IT Companies
IT Companies
Online Billing System is for Retirement Villages
Retirement Villages
Online Billing System is for Membership Organisations
Membership Organisations

Who we are and what we wish to achieve

Bill Again is the conceptualization of The Code Group, basing it on their extensive experience in creating tailored made administration and business management platforms for companies specific to their needs. Regretfully most businesses do not have the capabilities to invest in a creating their own management software and hence the idea for Bill Again was derived.

Bill Again essentially incorporates most of the sort after and requested features our past projects have depicted and we have worked hard at making it as adaptable to various industries as possible. We are excited and confident that our online software will, create more time for you and your admin staff, increase your cash flow and allow you to have the necessary information to make great decisions. Ultimately we want to make your life easier and assist in enabling your business to be sustainable in the long term.

  Our Vision

Our vision is for our Bill Again online software to become the most sort after and valued tool in a business owner’s arsenal. Enabling them and their staff to have a streamlined, time efficient and accurate admin process. One that automates the bulk of the necessary processing as well as creates vital, valuable reports on their customers and sales information.

  Our Mission

Our mission to convince business owners to embrace technology and depict the advantages of automating their admin process, offering online payment processing, API integration and how this will improve their cash flow. As well as emphasizing the value of having access to accurate reports to make better, more informed decisions in real time.

Exactly what you need?

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Bill Again, Online Billing System interface on desktop computer

What our online billing software offers you

Fully automated Billing System enabling invoicing, statements, payment allocation, receipts and credit notes
Supports credit card, debit card, Hosted payment page and batch payment processing
Customisable setup of multiple products and services.
Offer your products and services in multiple currencies
Manage multiple taxes across countries and regions as you need
Integrate Bill Again into your existing system with our API
Perform once off billing for ad hoc items
Export your receipts and invoices into Pastel and Quickbooks

Process Payments using any of these supported Payment Gateways